How to join

  • Mailing List: Main contact method. We use the mailing list to notify each other about events organised by members of the community, but also about events by other organisations that are highly relevant. We also share job openings, funding opportunities and new data resources over the mailing list.
  • Website: As a researcher at a Dutch institution, you can also add your profile to the website. Please email Javier or Anna with your details (faculty, department, position, academic field, methods, keywords) and a photo.
  • Twitter: Amplifying visibility and impact through our social networks
  • Calendar: keep track of CSBS events ánd get informed about all relevant external events in the field!
  • Slack: Sign up to  our slack group (channel ‘r-social-complexity’ at IAS) to chat immediately with others, on a group level or with specific individuals

How to participate

  • Attend events: Follow the mailing list, the calendar or Twitter to stay informed
  • Organize events: Organise an event or get in touch with others to co-organise events. Ask CSBS organisers (JavierAnna) for outreach or financial aid for your events. Send updates on the mailing list about conferences and grants. Let’s co-create.
  • Update our materials: Please feel empowered to add to and adjust CSBS in any way you think is valuable. For example, list another source of  data, extend or alter the landscape mapping.

Are you an organization interested in partnering?

We are always open for new ways and new partnerships to foster this field of computational social and behavioral science. Please do get in touch with Javier or Anna to discuss further.