The Computational Social and Behavioral Science community consists of researchers and organisations using computational methods to progress solving today’s and tomorrow’s complex societal issues. We are based at the Institute for Advanced Study, in Amsterdam.  Find out how you can become a member on our join page

What is computational social and behavioral science? Research studying social and behavioral processes, paying particular attention to non-linear complex dynamics and feedback loops. It typically includes the use of computational tools (such as agent based modeling, network analysis, language modeling), and the analysis of computational advances in society.

We noticed, as researchers ourselves, that colleagues in our field are scattered over various social and behavioural science departments with few interconnections. The CSBS community facilitates interactions between researchers to exchange skills, data, share knowledge, collaborate on publications or write grant applications together. Together, we advance our understanding of the workings of our societies.

Similarly, CSBS facilitates the creation of ties between between researchers, institutions and industry. Various organisations, such as eScience Center, SURF, ODISSEI, or the municipality of Amsterdam, have rich datasets, infrastructure and knowledge that provide valuable research opportunities into complex social dynamics.

Acknowledging the power of self-organization, a resilient social fabric, and the wisdom of emergence, CSBS provides the context for the dots to connect themselves.